Dynamic Ultrasound, the new way to body awareness

Datum 2020-10-27
Uur 09:00
Adres Online
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Dit najaar organiseren verschillende ABCIG’s , in navolging van het ER-WCPT congres, digitale congressen waar alle geïnteresseerden zich kunnen inschrijven. Accreditatie bij Pro-Q-Kine is aangevraagd.


Introduction: The utilization of ultrasound is rapidly increasing in the field of women's health physiotherapy. This tool has demonstrated its value in facilitating and completing morphological and functional assessment in pelvic floor muscles disorders, and can be a valuable tool for the enablement of patients’ education. The visual feedback displayed by the real time ultrasound provides valuable information for a proper understanding of the pelvic anatomy and biomechanics by the patient.

Aim: During this webinar we would like to illustrate the importance of the use of dynamic ultrasound in raising awareness of the movement of the muscles in and around the female pelvis. 

Content: We’ll describe the utility of dynamic ultrasound for the visualization of pelvic floor and lateral abdominal muscles contraction, as well as for the evaluation of diastasis recti. We’ll show practical examples for the assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles in functional settings: coughing, breathing, as well as during muscular contractions and exercises, in both lying down and standing positions. Pelvic floor muscles and bladder/urethral biomechanics will be explored using transperineal and transabdominal approaches. Moreover, sonographic visualization of the lateral abdominal muscular strategy and its effect on the linea alba will be presented.

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