Webinar Annina Schmid - The heterogeneity of nerve injuries: pathomechanisms and clinical subgroups

Datum 2022-03-15
Uur 20:00
Adres Online @home
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Webinar / Online scientific lecture

by Prof. Annina Schmid, Oxford University, UK

Clinical presentations of patients with peripheral nerve injuries are highly heterogeneous, despite carrying the same diagnostic label (e.g., sciatica). This heterogeneity may have contributed to the failure of most clinical trials in the field of physiotherapy or pharmacology and our limited knowledge on how to treat patients with nerve injuries. In this talk, I will highlight the diverse pathomechanisms at play following peripheral nerve injury. By translating these mechanisms into clinical signs of symptoms, I will highlight why we should expect different patterns in patients with peripheral nerve injuries. I will introduce a clinical framework of patient subgrouping, which may help clinicians make sense of the conundrum of peripheral nerve injuries.

Learning goals: 
1/ To enable the participants to understand the basic principles of pain physiology associated with entrapment neuropathies
2/ To be familiar with clinical subgrouping of patients with peripheral nerve injuries.

Accreditation (Pro-Q-Kine): 4 points

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Free for members of ABSG MATHERA and students in a post-graduate program Manual Therapy (recognised formation)
35€ for all others (an invoice will be send to you soon after your registration)

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