Tasha Stanton (AUS) - Osteoarthritis: reconceptualisation our understanding and how to apply this

Datum 2023-09-13
Uur 13:00
Adres Campus UZ Gent - Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent
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Sprekers Tasha Stanton (AUS)
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Osteoarthritis pain is often assumed to be driven solely by structural damage to the joint and surrounding tissues. However, pain levels hold a tenuous relationship with the degree of structural damage and people with severe osteoarthritis changes on imaging experience improvements in pain with exercise, in the absence of joint changes. Together, this suggests that we need to re-think such an assumption.

This interactive post-academical course, an ECMT2023 pre-conference course, will explore the contemporary understanding of osteoarthritis discussing evidence spanning pain science, systemic inflammation, and psychosocial contributors, supporting a need to reconceptualize how we think about osteoarthritis and pain, as well as how we manage it. This course will explore the multiple contributing factors to osteoarthritis progression and pain, discussing the implications of this knowledge for our treatment, including evidence for appropriate loading.

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