Mike Stewart (UK) - Do you want an easier work life? A practical guide to empower patients

Datum 2023-09-17
Uur 09:30
Adres Gebouw De Naeyer - Campus Faber (KUL) - Tervuursevest 101 - 3001 Heverlee
Contact Lifelong Learning Rehab@Faber
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Sprekers Mike Stewart (UK)
Prijs niet-leden 270
Prijs AXXON-leden 270
Prijs ABCIG-leden 270
Prijs AXXON- & ABCIG-leden 270
Prijs info € 240 : For internship mentors, teachers, participants and alumni in Post Graduate Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy (PGO MSK) € 270 : Other participants *Price includes lunch & coffee breaks

This workshop is a ECMT post-conference workshop.

Do you ever feel that you are working too hard? Are you exhausted at the end of your day in clinic? Do you find it challenging when trying to motivate and change people’s behaviour? Do you ever wonder if there might be an easier and more effective way of helping people?

Mounting evidence shows that healthcare workers are more than three times as likely to have experienced burnout compared to other professions since the COVID 19 pandemic. 

This engaging one day course provides an opportunity to explore the causes of why clinicians burnout. You will learn practical methods to optimise patient empowerment and develop your therapeutic alliances. You will explore evidence-based educational methods to develop your communication and teaching toolkit so that you become better equipped to help guide people who become stuck, empower people who feel hopeless, and engage people who feel bored.

Most importantly, by developing your patient empowerment skills you will learn how to work less hard by shifting the focus away from clinician led healthcare and moving towards a more collaborative, patient led approach.

Learning aims:

This course will help you develop a range of engaging, practical skills. You will learn ways to apply practical solutions to everyday clinical challenges.

Target audience:

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